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Maple Popcorn

Jun 7, 2021

You know him for his roles as the quintessential bad boy in both Canadian and American films and TV series, but behind Kim Coates' tough guy exterior is a proud Canuck, with humble roots in the Canadian Prairies. Growing up playing hockey on the rinks in Saskatchewan, Kim dreamt of making it into the NHL. That is, before he took a drama course that changed the trajectory of his adult life, and he fell in love with the art of acting. 

Coates has appeared in over 100 titles, but his most iconic Canadian role was his part as Coach Ronnie Hortense in the 2011 film Goon. Highly decorated as an actor, he has a long list of prestigious awards and nominations for his performances. Kim was awarded best lead actor of a drama series by the Canadian Screen awards in 2017 for his work on Bad Blood, Best Actor and the Half-Life Award from the Action On Film (AOF) festival for his work on King of Sorrow in 2009, as well as the 2017 ACTRA National Award of Excellence.

Listen to the very first episode of Maple Popcorn to hear host Marriska Fernandes and Kim Coates discuss his extensive body of work, why he believes it’s so important to stay true to one’s roots, and the love he has for Hollywood North and its community.

A podcast hosted by Marriska Fernandes, produced by The Brand is Female and powered by Telefilm Canada.


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